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Build your ASP.NET 2.0 website for Free

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yeh,you heard it right!!A free asp.net 2.0 website in few minutes time.Its as easy as 1-2-3!!All you have to do is visit Microsoft Templates Site and pick out one of those ready made websites which might fit your needs!!Download it and install it in your system and launch the Visual Studio IDE (I used VWD express) and select "create new webiste(template)" and simple follow the welcome screen.Thats it,you are done!!Have a gr8 time shaping your site!!

Oops,did I say "free",hmmm yeh,then you might visit AspSpider for your free asp.net 2.0 account and upload your drafted website for the WWW to have a sneak peak preview!!Enjoyyy...

UPDATE::I worked with this stuff and found out a simpler solution!!All you have to do is:::
1)Signup with www.aspspider.net (free .net 2.0 webhost).
2)Check out and deploy the starter kits available there.
3)Now,the fix is that,you ned to set admin roles and users to log in to your website and edit your albums & the like.
4)For this,you need to download the files aspnetDB.mdf and aspnetDB.ldf on to your system,edit them using Visual Web Developer(VWD) express.
5)In VWD,go to "website"-->"asp.net configuration"-->"security"-->Edit user/Add user(much depends on how you wanted things to go)!!

Any comments are welcome regarding the same!!

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  2. Anonymous TJohn | 12:53 AM |  

    YOu don't need to really download the database files to get admin access. There is a default login and password provided in AspSPider.NET.
    See the page http://www.aspspider.com/tips/Tip20.aspx

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