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C# 3.0 new language features

Thursday, March 02, 2006

We dint' even digest C# 2.0 features completely,yet the specifications for C# 3.0 were released at PDC 2005!!

In C# 3.0 there will be radical additions:
"select, from, where" keywords allowing to query from SQL, XML, collections, and more (Language integrated query (LINQ))

Object initialization :
Customer c = new Customer(); c.Name="James"; becomes Customer c = new Customer { Name="James" };

Lambda expressions :
listOfFoo.Where(delegate(Foo x) { return x.size>10;}) becomes listOfFoo.Where(x => x.size>10);

Local variable type inference:
var x = "hello"; is interchangeable with string x = "hello";

Anonymous types :
var x = new { Name = "James" }
Extension methods (adding methods to classes by including the this keyword in the first parameter)

Get more of C# 3.0 from Maliks' Article or from the makers itself!!

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