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ASP.NET Development::Free Video Tutorials

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

yah,reading books and practising programs/technology is passe'!!Welcome to the world of video tutorials:::which help u get on track with da subject at a gripping speed.I never thought that video tutorials are anything close to useful until I stumbled across MSDN videos for express editions 2005.Pretty complicated concepts such as OOP concepts in C# are dealt with such great ease that you will understand them in minutes!!
Anyways,lemme post the link where you can get your hands on these videos::
Video Downloads(Hi-Speed Servers)
I recommend you go through the basic videos posted earlier under Express Editions 2005 in this blog first.Just follow the author and create the web application explianed in detail.Then you can go with the videos mentioned in this topic.Hope you get along well with these videos!!

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