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C# Express edition 2005 strange error :: resolution

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Recently,I spent sleepless nights due to an unknown bug in visual C# Express edition 2005.It meant a huge loss to my development experience.I had to stop practicing C# for more than 12 days time.The menubar & toolbar controls were redundant,i.e the controls got multiplied on the GUI.The arrow keys(navigation elements) were not functioning either.I searched for a solution all over the internet but to no avail.I did all those I could and finally a reset command did the trick.

Resolution ::
Start-->Run-->type in cmd-->ok
Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE>vcsexpress.exe /setup

This should solve the mystery ;)

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Practise .Net with .Net2TheMax

Friday, May 05, 2006

I was busy upgrading myself with the next tide in .Net i.e,.Net 2.0!I fumbled across this useful site which guides you in developing your apps with the "Best Practises".The site belongs to two of the reknowned authors,Francesco and Marco(Wrox Pub.).They put up a live project "TheBeerHouse" alongwith code which abides by "The Best Practises".It will definitely help budding programmers like me in learning the nuances of the .Net technology!They also put up "The most complete best practise checklist for .Net developers" which will definitely help you fine-tune your code!!What are you waiting for,visit DotNet2theMax and cruise with the next Tide!!

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Build your ASP.NET 2.0 website for Free

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yeh,you heard it right!!A free asp.net 2.0 website in few minutes time.Its as easy as 1-2-3!!All you have to do is visit Microsoft Templates Site and pick out one of those ready made websites which might fit your needs!!Download it and install it in your system and launch the Visual Studio IDE (I used VWD express) and select "create new webiste(template)" and simple follow the welcome screen.Thats it,you are done!!Have a gr8 time shaping your site!!

Oops,did I say "free",hmmm yeh,then you might visit AspSpider for your free asp.net 2.0 account and upload your drafted website for the WWW to have a sneak peak preview!!Enjoyyy...

UPDATE::I worked with this stuff and found out a simpler solution!!All you have to do is:::
1)Signup with www.aspspider.net (free .net 2.0 webhost).
2)Check out and deploy the starter kits available there.
3)Now,the fix is that,you ned to set admin roles and users to log in to your website and edit your albums & the like.
4)For this,you need to download the files aspnetDB.mdf and aspnetDB.ldf on to your system,edit them using Visual Web Developer(VWD) express.
5)In VWD,go to "website"-->"asp.net configuration"-->"security"-->Edit user/Add user(much depends on how you wanted things to go)!!

Any comments are welcome regarding the same!!

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Planzo (Ajaxified) and Frappr (Googlified)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I bumped into two of the coolest sites today:: Planzo and Frappr.
Planzo is designed using Ajax technology,which is an online planner(da worlds' easiest online planner).It got much more to offer though!!The amazing speed at which the site updates is to be watched::such is the power of AJAX technology and its cleverly implemented in this site!!Check my Planzo out!!
Frappr also looked quite innovative to me.It is a clever implemetation of Google Local(maps) which hooks your friends all over the world by online depiction!!You got to check it out for a clearer picture!!Check my Frappr out for more info!!

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C# 3.0 new language features

Thursday, March 02, 2006

We dint' even digest C# 2.0 features completely,yet the specifications for C# 3.0 were released at PDC 2005!!

In C# 3.0 there will be radical additions:
"select, from, where" keywords allowing to query from SQL, XML, collections, and more (Language integrated query (LINQ))

Object initialization :
Customer c = new Customer(); c.Name="James"; becomes Customer c = new Customer { Name="James" };

Lambda expressions :
listOfFoo.Where(delegate(Foo x) { return x.size>10;}) becomes listOfFoo.Where(x => x.size>10);

Local variable type inference:
var x = "hello"; is interchangeable with string x = "hello";

Anonymous types :
var x = new { Name = "James" }
Extension methods (adding methods to classes by including the this keyword in the first parameter)

Get more of C# 3.0 from Maliks' Article or from the makers itself!!

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