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CAB:::A Smart Client Approach

Thursday, March 02, 2006

hey,do you know of the yummy Composite UI Applications Blocks(CAB) from Patterns and Practices,Microsoft??Well,they happen to be some pre defined code:::which follow da best efficient methods when it comes to good productive coding.Some of the components being Caching application block,login application block,Database application block to name a few.

Well,this CABs compatible with the latest release of Visual Studio make life pretty easy for the guys of developers genre.

"CAB is a guidance asset (an application block) based on .NET 2.0. It’s intended to provide proven practices to build complex UIs based on simpler “parts” (SmartParts as we call them, “WinParts” in other architectures). This is a recurrent pattern implemented in many well known examples."(extract from gotdotnet,PnP)

More on this upcoming project as I continue my journey exploring it......

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