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C# v/s VB Rivalries In Depth

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So,.Net is a cool technology allright,but which one should you choose before diving in-depth into .Net programming,be it windows or web?Well,I feel that it depends on the situation:::like,if you are a science graduate and have minimal or no programming knowledge at all,then VB can be your favorite cos' of the flexibilty in commands and the simplicity involved in the the programming logic.If you are one of those engineering grads who are exposed to "C and C++",well then you should opt for C# then!!

I hear many times that C# programmers are well paid comparitively,yep dats true to an extent,but owing to the comparision in speed(performance) at which they produce an output,I feel both go hand in hand cos' .Net is a platform independent technology,which means that any language can be used to program in .Net wherein all of them are to compiled to produce the native code finally,do you agree?

Well,C# is a case sensitive language;slight change in the case/syntax of the program and you are out for sleepless nights!!My explorations of the "who wins da battle amongst C# and VB" technologies,I came across two pretty well knit arguements::
C#-VB Rivalries
C#-VB Comparisions

Anyways,which ever technology you choose::
All I have to say is "Happy Coding"!!

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  1. Blogger Krish | 1:36 AM |  

    I am basically from Java background so in the beginning i was naturally inclined towards C#. But with Studio in your hands, you get the most of the productivity with Vb.NET than anyother language. No hassles about case and that saves you atleast 10000 keystrokes!!! And both one needs to know the 10% of C# and Vb.NET, that is what we actually use - how many of us really use those OOPs tricks??? We hardly use 10% of the language features.

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